Friday, June 19, 2015


no mu'min read basmala except that the land will make tasbih with him

Abu Uraida, 'before you start your wudhu, say Basmala, angle will write a lot of hasanaat until you finish your wudu'.

BAsmala is the key to Qur'an - we need the mercy of Allah for every state Ar Rahman: Only for Allah, 1 Rahmah
Ar Rahim: all in the world, 100 Rahmah, when not been asked, for repentance

Basmala have 19 letters, each letter will protect from the 19 angles guarding the Hellfire (Ibnu Kathir)

Basmala have 4 words; with these words Allah will forgive 4 types of sins: day, night, secretly and openly

سَتْرُ مَا بَيْنَ أَعْيُنِ الجِنِّ وَعَوْرَاتِ بَنِي آدَمَ: إِذَا دَخَلَ أَحَدُهُمُ الخَلَاءَ، أَنْ يَقُولَ: بِسْمِ اللَّهِ

Basmala protect from the look of Jinn, on the authority of Sayidina Ali (HR Tarmidzi 606)


Lawh-al Mahfooz ('preserved plate', tablet of God's decrees preserved to the end of time) and qalem (the pen which Allah has pre-recorded the actions of men) are the first things that Allah Ta'ala created. He (Jalla Jalaluh) ordered to qalem (pen) and qalem wrote everything that will happen untill the Day of Judgement. “Bismi-llahi r-rahmani r-rahim” is the first that qalem wrote on the Lawn-al Mahfooz (Preseved Plate). Allah Ta'ala rendered basmalah security for the creatures -as long as they continue to recite-. Those who are in the seven layers of the heavens also recite basmala. When basmalah was revelaed to Hadrat/Prophet Adam (a.s.), he said “My descendants are secured from punishment as long as they continue to recite basmalah.”
Afterwards, basmalah was revealed to Hadrat Ibrahim (a.s.). When Nimrod put him on the catapult, he recited basmalah, Allah Ta'ala rendered the heat of the fire cool and safe for him.
Afterwards, basmalah was revealed to Hadrat Musa (a.s.). Hadrat Musa destoreyed Pharaoh and the magicians with basmalah. Afterwards, basmalah was revealed to Hadrat Sulaiman (a.s.). Angles to him “O ye Sulaiman, today your kingdom is completed.”
When Allah Ta'ala revealed basmalah to Hadrat Sulaiman, He (JJ) commanded that “Announce to your people that whoever wants to hear Allah's ayah of safety shall come to Sulaiman.”
When all of them arrived, Hadrat Sulaiman climbed to the minbar and recited the ayah of safety: “Bismi-llahi r-rahmani r-rahim”. Everyone who heard this got relieved and said “We testify that you are the Rasul of Allah.” Anything to which Hadrat Sulaiman recites basmalah gets under the control of Sulaiman (a.s.) and Prophet Sulaiman prevailed over other nations with basmalah.
Basmalah was revealed to Hadrat Isa (Jesus) (a.s) after Hadrat Sulaiman. Hadrat Isa and his followers got relieved with basmalah.
Allah Ta'ala commanded : “O Ye Isa (Jesus) do you know which ayah is revealed to you. “Bismi-llahi r-rahmani r-rahim” is the ayah of safety, recite that a lot in your every situation; basmalah shall be at the beginning of your reading and your salah.
Whoever continues to recite it before the salah and before reading something, the angels of Munkar wa Nakir can not get him frightened, his death will be easy, his grave will not squeeze him, he reaches to the rahmah of Allah.
His grave gets nur (divine light), I (JJ) will have wake up from his grave in the day judgment with his face brightened. His balance of the good deeds in the Day of Judgment (Miizaan) will be heavier, I will complete him on the Bridge of Sirat with nour; thus he enters to the Jannah. He is called as 'You reached to saadat and magfirat (happiness and forgiveness).”
Hadrat Isa(a.s) asked “Does this only belong to me ya Rabb?”

Allah Ta'ala commanded, “It belongs to the ummah of Ahmad (alaihissalaam) after you.”

Imam Qurtubi: basmala is special to the Ummah as it stays in the AlQur'an

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

 Found an old email from Ustaza Nagheba (May Allah bless her and her family abundantly, and give them openings and blessings upon blessings)

 Asalam Alaikum all,
 Tomorrow night signifies the beginning of Rabi' al- Awwal the month in which the blessed prophet Muhammad was born (may Allah shower His mercy and grace upon him). On the 12th of this blessed month a great light was born to the worlds, he was to carry a great gift to mankind, Jin-Kind and even realms beyond, he was the bearer of a final, unchangeable message, a message that not only offered a way of life to humanity but offered each soul internal peace, tranquillity and proximaty to the Divine.
 Allah Exalted be He tells us in the Qu'ran; 'And we did not send you except as a mercy to the worlds' These words help us understand the magnitude of the blessing of our blessed prophet's birth, through his arrival a mercy so great, so powerful penetrated not just our world but all worlds in existence. The angels recognized the great blessing of this nobel messenger Muhammad when he was raised beyond the heavens and sent salams (peace) from Allah himself (asalam alaikum aya-han Nabi- peace be upon you Oh messenger) he shared that peace with all of Gods righteous servants (as-salam alaina wa ala ibad Allah as-salahin- Peace be upon me and upon the righteous servants of God) rejoicing over the portion of Gods peace that they had recieved through the generosity of this great prophet the angels called out to all in the heavens that ....'There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger', proclaiming their belief in the messengership of this blessed being. The Jinn took his message back to their tribes uniting many factions from amongst them, the existence of the final and most perfect of messengers really was a mercy sent to all worlds. Animals and the inanimate recognised his messengership. The trunk of a tree that cried out in pain when the messenger began to deliver the Friday sermon upon a pulpit instead of standing next to the tree; the Ghazal that proclaimed his messengership when the prophet freed him from the snare of a hunter, the camel that bowed down to him honering him for his kindness and the rocks that sent him salams are but a few of the stories narrated in the books of sira that inspire us to love he who was chosen to be the most perfect of mankind. The Qu'ran tells us; 'If you love Allah then follow me (Muhammad) and Allah will love you' This verse gives us a clear methodology in how to gain His love. Love of the Divine is reserved soley for those who tread the path of his beloved Muhammad. His path is the sirat al-musaqim (the straight path) that we ask for in our five daily prayers, a path that can only be known through studying his life and how he engaged with the world around him, how he ate, slept, spoke, treated neighbours, family, friends and enemies, his life can only be known through attaching oneself with the study of sira (his biography) and shamail (his physical traits and attributes). Once his path is known to you know that knowledge is not enough to attain the love of God that you long. The path must be walked upon, embodied and become part of you, know that this path can only be Trodden through love...loving him, he (peace be upon him) who is loved by the Divine. Loving him allows his sunnah to be part of your very being, his way becomes more than historical truths it becomes a reality that illuminates your everyday life and awakens your heart.

 May Allah allow this month to be a month in which we discover the greatness of our nobel messenger, a month in which we learn to walk to the Divine through the door of Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him Ukhtukum nagheba

Saturday, January 10, 2015


BismiLlahir Rahmanir Rahim

Syaitan datang mengacau anak Adam pada tiga tempat:
2) bila dalam nazak, Syaitan datang untuk kacau contohnya supaya riya'. Imam Ahmad (RahmatuLlahu 'alayh) sedang nazak dan apabila anak muridnya menyuruh beliau baca tahlil, Imam Ahmad menggelengkan kepala. Kemudian, beliau tersedar dan beliau menerangkan bahawa saat itu syaitan datang dan berkata kamu sudah menang, saya yang kalah. Selagi nyawa ada di dalam badan, selagi itu kita belum menang. Syaitan mahukan kita riya' dengan amalam kita.
3) Syaitan bersama dengan anak adam bila ada masaalah suami isteri.
Dalam perkara 1,2,3 di atas, Syaitan sendiri akan datang kacau manusia. Selain itu, kuncu-kuncu syaitan yang datang (lebih kurang 70 kuncunya)

Senjata kita adalah ta'awudz. Apabila kita membaca ta'awudz, 70 langkah syaitan lari.

Ibnu Mas'ud: Sesungguhnya ilmu dunia dan akhirat berada di dalam Al-Quran.. Sesungguhnya ilmu dunia, akhirat dan Al-Qur'an terkandung di dalam Al-Fatiha, Sesungguhnya ilmu dunia, akhirat, AlQur'an dan Al-fatiha terkandung dalam basmala. Sesunnguhnya ilmu dunia, akhirat, AlQur'an, AlFatiha dan basmala terkandung di dalam huruf Ba'.

Sayidina Ali: Demi Allah, sekiranya aku syarahkan rahsia Ba', aku perlukan 1000 unta.
Sayidina Zubayr: apabila bangun malam, beliau mengulang-ulang satu ayat 'TaHa' sehingga subuh.
Sayidina Uthman: Demi Allah, sekiranya hati kamu bersih, kamu tidak akan kenyang dengan Qur'an .

Sesunguhnya baligh itu adalah orang yang sampai darjat tinggi dengan Allah.

Ba dalam basmala - tawassul dengan nama Allah. Dinamakan Ba' tawasul atau Ba' wasilah. Dikenali juga sebagai ba' barakah - umur, dunia, akhirat dan rezeki.

Sin - salama. Selamat di dunia, akhirat, syaitan dan sifat riya'

Mim - maghfira

Huruf hija'iah - semua huruf besar. Huruf kecil - alif lam ha
1) Setiap bahasa di dunia mesti ada alif lam ha - semua bahasa, mudah untuk meyebut Allah
2) Alif lam ha membentuk la ilaha illaLlah, org nazak, bibir berat. Allah mudahkan orang mati dalam husnul khatimah, tidak perlu menggunakan bibir berat.

Alif - uns = tenang dengan Allah, hadrah yang paling tinggi dengan Allah (hadrah uns).

Lam - luthf = lembut; senang khusyu'

Ha = hidayah

Ayat tauhid - alhamduliLlah. RasuluLlah berjaya, sentiasa hamadun didunia dan akhirat - orang yang sentiasa bertahmid

Beza tahmid dan syukur - alhamduliLlah = puji-pujian kepada Allah; syukur = atas nikmat. Ada tafsir yang mengatakan sama tahmid dan syukur.

'alimin = orang yang berilmu; 'alamin = tafsir Ibnu Abbas, 770 alam (cth alam laut)
(alif = orang yang sudah balik)

Above are the intention for studying from Imam Abdullah Al-Haddad (RahimuLlah) translated as: All praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. And salutations and greetings upon our master Muhammad and upon his family and companions. I intend to study and teach, take and give a reminder, take and give benefit, take and give advantage, to encourage the holding fast to the book of Allah and the way of his messenger, and calling to guidance and directing towards good hoping for the countenance of Allah and His pleasure, proximity and reward, transcendent is He. (Our thanks to


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