Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hadith 12

Hadith 12 (07.05.05)

‘Min husni islaamil mar’I tarkuhu ma laa ya’nih’
Min husnil islaam is to leave what doesn’t concern you.

Define by Islam – hayat & mu’ajah (way –livelihood etc.) connected to returning to him (ma’ad).

Hassan Al-Basri said that we met people – these people are more concern about time than dirham and dinar.

The essence is to remember that you’re going to die!

5 questions for every word we speak:
1. why did you said it? What is part of your concern?
2. Did it benefit you?
3. Would it be harmful if you didn’t say?
4. If you stay silent, will you be safe from its consequences?
5. If you said tasbih, tahlil, tahmid wouldn’t you have more benefit?

-To speak good or silence
-La taghdab – don’t be angry
-La yu’minu ahadukum hatta yuhibbu li akhihi ma yuhibbu linafsihi

Someone talk rubbish because Allah have disgrace him! Signs that Allah have rejects him is when he talk what didn’t bother him.

When your heart became hard, your body weaken, your rizq lessen ~ you’re involved in what doesn’t concern you.

3 things that increase your intteligence:
1) sitting with scholars
2) sitting with saliheen
3) leave what doesn’t concern you

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Above are the intention for studying from Imam Abdullah Al-Haddad (RahimuLlah) translated as: All praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. And salutations and greetings upon our master Muhammad and upon his family and companions. I intend to study and teach, take and give a reminder, take and give benefit, take and give advantage, to encourage the holding fast to the book of Allah and the way of his messenger, and calling to guidance and directing towards good hoping for the countenance of Allah and His pleasure, proximity and reward, transcendent is He. (Our thanks to www.deenport.com)


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