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Chapter 5 (on Regular Devotions)

- The hadith of 5 before 5. ~ rush before you die
Wird means regular eg fever that occurred at the same time every year or taking camel for drink every 4 days

- a pivotal chapter
- Ba Alawi based on Syazili inwardly which focused in mujahadah and ghazali which is adab. The more we read ad’iya eg going in the bathroom, we noticed the time, the place, the zone we’re in. We learned the adab of life. Live constantly in Muraqabah, questioning our steps

- Do not waste time: use every minutes of our time for beneficial acts.
- imarah= to build, establish
- wazaif from wazifah = regular, responsible for,
- wirid = illness that come in regular basis,
qu’an ; hablul warid: jugular vein, blood from heart to brain - showing the health of our body
wurud; people who take water for hujjaj in Mina from mekkah
wirid - something consistent, take animal to the place of drinking, a plant that flowers in particular times every year.

-barakah = increase, something happen beyond the outward value of the thing
- by organising our time, we will get barakah in it

Allah created different awrad because we are created differently

increase baraka in your house by organising it, organise our home (think where is the television), open your door (house should always be prepared for guests)
Immense barakah in the time before fajar because from the hadith qudsi: Allah descends (‘adzim)


One whom Allah love, organise their time according to prayer time (moon and sun).
Al-Warid: comes from Allah, Imam Syazili: there’s different state of actions for diff state of (heart?).:Imam Ibnu ata’illah if u want to know what’s you r state with Allah, look at how much He bestowed upon you (Look at your state, did you wake up for tahajjud? An angle came every night to wake people. Imam Ali bin Hassan Al-Attas; Wirid is your physical action and inward action, warid is what flows in the heart of slave from meaning of subleties in the heart, and secret and as a result the heart and chest open up, and heart enlightened.

Reasons to take care of wirid:
- After we passed away, we can’t do the wirid
- to fulfill the rights of Allah, more imortant to fulfill Allah’s right than demand from Allah - act of servitude.
Syeikh abul Qasim Nisaburi (Nisabur; uzbekistan) Tasawuf is following the kitab and sunnah, and leaving desire and innovations and showing respect to teachers and finding excuses for your brothers and having reagular awrad and not having excuses in religion.

Habib Ali Al-Habsyi salawat: Allahumma sali ‘ala Muhammad bi lisanil jama’ah fi hadratil ‘adzimah...

Ratib is something in order (tartib)

Ibnu Ataillah, Allah knows that we will get bored, He coloured different act of worships, (When someone became muslim, he had this zeal and then after certain period he became fatara - the enthusiasm went off, and these are the one counted in Day of Judgement. Whoever at the period of lapse according to qur’an and sunnah is successful

Not everyone who pray established their prayers

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