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A good friend has asked me to list what are the small things that we can do with children that make them practice the sunnah.. These are some of the things which have been taught by my mother (may Allah have mercy upon her, forgive her and let her be in the best of companions) and observed from other families.
- Waking up with the du'a "AlhamdulilLahi ladzi ahyana ba'da ma amatana wa ilayhin nusyur"
- Brushing teeth and let them play with the miswak.
- Emphasize on RasululLah SallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam stories, and his favourite colour.. what he like to do etc. Read the stories of Rasuls, sahabi and pious people for bedtime.
- Get them to take a bath and syampoo before noon every friday.. Make friday a big day. Let them wear their favourite shoes etc.
- Always start with the right side on item of clothing etc.
- Washing hands before and after food. and the du'a before and after food.
- Not to touch the food before their father did unless being given permission to do so. (respecting the elderlies)
- Congregation prayers as much as possible and sitting together to recite zikr as a family everyday.
- To kiss the hand of parents, elderly and scholars.
- Covering the head and wearing sandals upon entering WC (and the du'a).
- Reciting 'BismilLah amantu bilLah tawakaltu 'alaLlah, wa la hawla wa la quwata illa bilLah' upon going out from the house.

Sitting in gatherings of knowledge and zikr have big impact as well. We (especially mothers) tend not to be able to listen properly as the children might be a BIG distraction.. but just bear in mind the barakah pouring down in the gatherings. and InsyaAllah and by the grace of Allah.. it will be much easier to teach them about Islam..

And the importance of du'a. As a mom, sometimes you can say something like 'You're a naughty boy' or 'you're so stubborn' without realising that the words might go straight to heaven!

May Allah make it easy for us to take care of our children.. and may they become a source of happiness for us in this world, in the grave and in the hereafter.

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saffy said...

Jazakillahu khayran ukhti!

I will share this with my sister insha'Allah!


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