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Sabr (Fortitude) Chapter 28

1) Submission
2) Awareness
3) Understanding

- moves under tribulation but firm

- control the nafs wa qaharaha (and supress it)

- placing the deen above what you want is syukr

- stay strong and good natured

- H Ali Al-Habsyi 'Perhaps what you want have delays, perhaps the delay is what you want'

- preserverance - persistent determination
zikr is like honey, when you keep on doing zikr with tongue, perhaps the honey will go to the heart.'
continuance in the state of grace (afiya) until you have the state of glory (fath)

- Battle of Khandaq is the longest battle until - 'when will Allah's help come to us' Nasrum minnaLlahi wa fathun qarib' - masjid on top of hill in Madinah: Masjid Fath

- Sabiru - interact, strive for sabr

1) Tark syahawat
2) redha towards qadha - zahidin
3) love whatever Allah does for you, mahhabah - darajatul siddiqin

- sabr connected to khulq

steadfastness - loyalty in the face of trouble and difficulty
sabr is adhering to AlQur'an and sunnah (AlMahawi?)
Abu Usman: to abide with trial as one towards well-being
Zun-Nun: isti'ana biLlah
Ruwaya: taraka syaqwa (not complaining)

sabr fi - persistence in
ala taat - consistent with
an - from, an syadaid wal bala eg 7 under the shade: 1) woman beautiful and noble came...
'assyaddu naas bala anbiya' = RasuluLlah sallaLlahu alayhi wasallam buried all his children except Sayidatina Fatimah RadhiyaAllahu anha wa radhu anh

sa'ada - abadia (eternal felicity); mawqufi sul (closeness to Allah) ittiba halq and stay away from falsehood eternally

wird -like gargling in honey

7x alikhlas, alfalaq, annas, alfatiha - rewards: protection till next Jum'ah

one of the sign that one is relying on one action is when you slip up, you are sad.

the first meaning of zanb is starting from thoughts that come from heart

al-qusairi: 2 types of sabr
1) work at
2) ma laysa bi mu'tasib gahiri i'tisad

jazu'a - turmoil, masa'ul khayr manu'a (do not want to share),
jaz'an - opposite sabr

different hawa different hadas (control)

iffa - chastity
syuja'a - courage
hilm - clemency
zuhd - doing without world

animal has no choice wether to drink

third stage: Allah choose for you, it's up to you to respond

level of iman:
1) al-ma'aruf (understanding)
2) haal (state)
3) firm in your heart ~ amal

hadith riwayat Tirmidhi: Jabir narrated that the Messenger of Allah said:

"Indeed the most beloved among you to me, and the nearest to sit with me on the Day of Judgment is the best of you in character. And indeed, the most disliked among you to me, and the one sitting furthest from me on the Day of Judgement are the Thartharun, and the Mutashaddiqun  and the Muthafaihiqun." They said: "O Messenger of Allah! We know about the Thartharun (talk a lot), and the Mutashaddiqun (boast a lot, boss people), but what about the Muthafaihiqun?"' He said:"The arrogant (showing off)."

Muhammad ibnu Habib: what is a wali? when he is in shade, he does not want to be in sun, when he is in sun, he does not want to be in shade.'

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