Saturday, June 13, 2009

Abu Bakar As-Siddiq RadhyiaAllahu 'anh

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

These are our notes from dars by Syeikh Abdul Aziz Ahmed for FOSIS held in Edinburgh alhamdulillah wa syukrililLah.

- Sayidina Abu Bakar was the complete among Sahabah.
- he is the father of bikr (purity, newness). Bikr: a newly married girl.
- His nickname is 'atiq. (itqihi minan naar)
- itaqa: exceedingly beautiful; in a conversation his face gives the impression of welcoming and warmth.
- it also means one who has good lineage and no fault.
- his parents had two children before him who passed away and when they had Sayidina Abu Bakar, his mother make the du'a 'o Allah! Make this one freedom from death'
- He was the son of Ibnu Abu Quhafa ( a muslim) and his grandson was the first person to be born in Islam (Abdullah ibnu Zubayr, son of Asma binti Abu Bakar) RadhiyaAllahu 'anhum
- He has sidqul eeman (belief totally in RasululLahi salalLahu 'alayhi wassalam), he was a sidqul friend and he's sadiq in giving his monew away (he was a rich man but when he became khalifah he was very poor).
- He lived exactly 63 years (he was born 2 years after RasuluLlahi SallaLlahi 'alayhi wassalam was born and passed away 2 years after rasululLahi SallaLlahi 'alayhi wassalam passed away) and Sayidina Umar passed away when he was 63 years old as well.
- He was very good at interpretation of dreams. Sayidina Khalid bin Said dreams he was being dragged to fire and he was very scared. his father, Said ibnul 'As pushed him and Rasul SalaLlahi 'alayhi wassalam said 'I will save you'.
In the same time Sayidina Uthman RadhiyaAllahu 'anh had a dream of someone saying 'bu'ithta ahmed'. both of them came to Sayidina Abu Bakar to understand the meaning of their dreams.
- Sayidina Abu Bakar RadhiyaAllah 'anh never drink nor recite poetry before and after Islam. When being asked why he never drank, he said he wanted to protect his honour.
- In the early period of Islam, when the believers still hid their Islam from everyone, Sayidina Abu Bakar went to Masjidil haram and announced he is a muslim from every corner of the masjid. He was the first person to be beaten because of islam.
- Sayidina Abu Bakar taught only when it is necessary for example when people arguing about where to bury RasullulLahi salalLahi 'alayhi wassalam, he relayed the hadith that prophets were buried in the place where they passed away.
- sayidina Ali KaramaLlahu wajha was very good at judging character and he said amongst the sahaba the bravest was sayidina Abu bakar RadhiyaAllahu 'anhum.

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