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How to prepare for Ramadhan

Bism Allah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

How to Prepare for Ramadan

By Ustadha Eiman Sidky

*A Translation from Arabic

1. Tawba/Repentance: Sincerely repent by remembering each sin and making tawba for it.

· A reminder that tawba erases all that precedes it, and that Allah loves those who make tawba.

2. Purification of the heart and entering the month to Allah with humility and broken-ness (inkisar)

3. Pray 2 rak’at (units), asking Allah in sujood (prostration) all that you desire, for He can select you and abundantly show His generosity upon you. (Huwa yistifeeki wu yikrimik)

· A reminder that the servant is the most near to his/her Lord is during prostration.

4. Free yourself and the family for the time of witnessing the Hilal/Crescent, be from amongst the first who see it, and when you do see it, recite the following Dua:

“O Allah! Let this month be a period of peace, faith safety and total submission to your will. My Lord and your Lord is Allah”

5. Purify your home from all that will displease or anger Allah (anything that contains haram/impermissibility).

6. Return the trusts to their owners, and reconcile/end any quarrels.

7. Congregate the pure and sincere intentions and prepare the duas/supplications that you will implore on Allah during Ramadan.

8. Prepare your charity box, for Rasool Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) used to give charity abundantly during Ramadan. Also prepare a worship/ibada timetable for yourself and the family.

9. Seek to please and give to your family out of sheer joy as a sign of happiness with Ramadan.

10. Prepare to be freed from the Hell-fire; however you must first free yourself from sins, small or great, such as usury, looking at haram, listening to haram, etc.

· A reminder that the one who is freed/protected from the Hell-fire is the best of worshipers and best in manners.

11. Talk to your children to prepare them for suhoor, for this is the time during which Al-Rahman will gaze upon His servants, and Allah and His Angels send blessings upon those who get up for suhoor.

12. Making a plan such that if someone in the family gets lazy in a form of worship, then the rest of the family should encourage them with it.

13. Try to prepare your food before Ramadan (store it in the freezer) so you are not burdened with the length of time to cook during Ramadan. Try to buy the Eid clothes early to be free during the last ten days for worship and not shopping. Do not forget to revive the night before Eid in worship for Allah frees from the Hell-fire servants as many as those He freed one each day from the beginning to the end of the month of Ramadan. Go to the Masjid/Mosque during the night before Eid using one route and returning from another route.

Dua/Supplication When Ramadan Enters:
“Allahumma sallimni bi Ramadan wa sallim Ramadan wa sallimhu minni mutaqabbala”

“Oh Allah! Protect and give me peace with Ramadan, and protect and give peace to Ramadan, and protect and give peace to Ramdan and accept it from me”

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