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chapter 24 on kindness and charity


Al-Isra 23-27… wa la tubazir tabzira ~ chapter 24

-Order of duty:
‘al-aqrab fal aqrab’ closest first. Qurba 1. rasul’s family 2. close to us
We have duty towards 10 generation of relatives
Al-adna baban fal adna

- in qur’an 3X Allah wa rasul; 1X Allah and parents

- Imam Husain RadhiyaLlahu 'anh ‘be careful of keeping friends that breaks their family ties. I found them cursed 3X in qur’an’

- We have a contract as a slave of Allah and recognition of Adam alayhi al-Salaam as our father and prophet

- Someone insult Salman Al-farisi RadhiyaLlahu 'anh. RasululLah SallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam turned and said ‘he’s ahlil baiti’

- Ra’d 33: goes into jannah as family
Ra’d 34: cursed those who cut off family ties (curse: cut off from rahmah and far)

- Hadith qudsi – Anaa allahu, wa anaa al-rahmaanu, khalaqtu al-rahima wa syaqaqtu lahaa isman min ismii, fa man washalaha washaltuhuu, wa man qatha’ahaa qatha’tuhuu”.
(“Aku (adalah) Allah SWT, dan aku adalah Dzat yang mempunyai sifat kasih sayang. Aku jadikan (sifat) kasih sayang dan Aku memberinya nama dengan nama-Ku. Maka barangsiapa menyambungnya, maka Aku akan menyambung orang itu. Dan barangsiapa memutusnya, maka Aku akan memutus orang itu”) – I name the womb my name, the name womb (Rahim = 1. womb 2. believers as brothers)
- ‘whoever take care of family ties, I’ll take care of him. Whoever cut it, I’ll cut from him.’

Inna min arbaa al-ribaa al-istithaalatu fi ‘ardli al-muslimi bighairi haqqin, wa inna haadzihii al-rahima syajnatun min al-rahmaani ‘azza wa jalla, fa man qatha’ahaa harrama allahu ‘alaihi al-jannata”.
(“Sesungguhnya diantara riba yang paling parah adalah merusak harga diri seorang muslim dengan cara yang tidak benar. Dan sesungguhnya Sifat Rahim adalah bagian dari sifat Rahman. Barang siapa memutusnya, maka Allah SWT mengharamkannya masuk sorga”)
.Syajna = branches that comes from undergroung roots. Cut syajna, tree will die

- ‘Inna rahmah do not descent on ummah which have qati’ur rahim’

-How to keep family ties: preserving the family tree, contact, visit, enquire, do’a wal fatihah

- The best sadaqah is on kasyih (the one that shows enimity within family)

-‘There are 2 people that Allah won’t look at yaumil qiyamah’. Stop. ‘Man huma?’ ‘Qati’ur rahim wa jar su’”
-‘fa man aza jaruhu azani, wa(fa?) man azani aza Allah’
-‘If he ask for help, help him. If he ask for loan, give it to him. If he is poor, you spend on him. If he’s sick, visit him. If he dies, you follow his janazah. If he have celebration, celebrate with him. If they have musibah, give them condolences. Don’t build above them. Don’t harm them. If you buy an apple give them. If you’re unable to do this, sneak to them. Don’t let your children upset their children. Don’t let your food smells harm them. Do you know the rights of neighbours? No one will fulfill them except that Allah shows mercy to him.’

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