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Hadith 17

Hadith 17

-Shadad Ibnu Aus – he’s the nephew of Hassan Bin Thabit who recited poetry in Masjid and RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam produce a mimbar specifically for him and he said ‘O Allah! Strengthen him with Ruhul qudus’ to Hassan bin Thabit. Once, Hassan bin Thabit recited poetry and Sayidina Umar RadhiyaAllahu ‘anhum looked at him. Hassan radhiyaAllah ‘anhu said ‘I have recited to someone better than you!’ he turned around and said ‘Ya Abu Hurairah! Have you not hear the du’a that RasullulLah made for me?’ and Abu Hurairah said ‘yes.’ (radhiyaAllahu 'anhum)
- Shadad RadhiyaAllah ‘anhu fought in the battle of Badar, and Uhud.
- Abu Darda’ RadhiyaAllah ‘anhu said ‘every nation have a faqih (jurist) and the faqih of this ummah is Syaddad. Some people have been given ‘ilm and some people have been given hilm (understanding) but some people Allah have gathered in him ilm and hilm and action. And this is Syadad.’
- 2 quality that make him better than Ansar is that when he spoke, it was crystal clear and when he’s angry, he was able to control it.
- He tossed in bed and said ‘Allahumma inna naar (Oh Our Lord, verily the Fire have kept me awake) and he got up and prayed until fajr.
-When you look – connect to naar / jannah. This world is just temporary illusions.
- In one occasion, Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and grant him peace) saw Imam Shaddad in heavy thinking in the mosque and ask him why, and Imam Shaddad answered “The dunniyya has contracted me”. ‘do you know Syam will opened up for muslims and Baitul Maqdis.. You and your sons will be imam there..
- Died in Jerusalem, buried in Babul Rahmah Dome of the rock on 58 AH at 75 years old.

Narrated 50 ahadith.
Amongst them:
Shaddad ibn Aws reported that the Prophet said, "The best way to ask forgiveness is to say, 'O Allah, You are my Lord. There is no god but You. You created me and I am Your slave. I comply with Your covenant and Your promise as much as I can. I seek refuge with you from the evil of what I have done. I acknowledge my sin, so forgive me. Only You can forgive sins.' Anyone who says it during the night having confidence in it and dies before morning will enter the Garden. Anyone who says this during the day having confidence in it and dies on that day before evening will enter the Garden. " – This is called Sayyidul Istighfar

Syeikh asked us to find the connection of hadith 17 with previous ahadith:
- with hadith 10: about eating pure things
- with hadith 7 ( regarding adaab and purification
- with 14 ( ): regarding what make blood of muslims permissible; (thayyibul zani, nafsa binafs, and taariki lidinihi al mufariqu lil jama’ah)
- with hadith 2: the meaning of ihsaan

- Katabal ihsan: compulsion for you to do well; wajib for muslims to do ihsan in everything.

-If we have to kill a person as prescribed in 14, we have to do it with no enormosity or hatred. Once Sayidina Ali wanted to kill a person in a battlefield, but before he struck, the man spat on his face. Sayidina Ali RadhiyaAllahu ‘anhu left the man just because he’s afraid that he have mixed reason of killing him.

- Adaab to slaughter animals:
- don’t travel far with it
- Don’t give it stress
- Give water
- don’t show the knife
- at smallest part of the throat (different animal different place)
- face towards qiblah
- no other animals saw
- make du’a
- thank Allah

Kulli syai’ = the self and everything ie ihsaan to yourself, family, anbiya’ etc for eg the adab to the sky : not to do haram things.

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