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Khulafa'ul rasyideen

Sayidina Abu Bakar RadhiyaAllahu ‘anh

-He was a tajir (businessman) , Quraisy, have been called ‘truthful’.
-His real name was Abdullah bin Usman bin Atiq
-When he heard about Isra’ wal Mi’raj, he was the first to believed in it saying if RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam have said it, then he’s saying the truth.
-Sayidina Abu Bakar RadhiyaAllahu ‘anhu was younger 2 ½ years old from RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam.
-He was from the tribe ‘Bani Abdu Dar’.
-Both his parents were muslims.
-He turned the space in his house into masjid and madrasa to teach qur’an.
-He always recited qur’an softly and his eyes watered easily when reciting.
-He always feed the poor and help the needy.
- When Sayidina Abu Bakar was asked, ‘what would you like if your wish is granted?’ he said that he would like to have gold to spend for Allah. Sayidina Umar wished that there’s a full mountain of men like Sayidina Abu Bakar (radiyaAllahu anhum).
- When he became muslim, he returned to RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam with 5 people to become muslim (all promised jannah) including Sayidina Talha and Sayidina Sa’ad RadhiyaAllahu ‘anhum.
- He passed away because of poison and his sadness without RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam.
- He appointed Sayidina Umar RadhiyaAllahu ‘anhu in his book.

Sayidina Umar RadhiyaAllahu ‘anh

- His nickname was Abal Hafs or Abu Hafs and Al-Farouq (divider between good and evil).
- When he came to Bani Nadwa house, he decided to kill RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam and he met Sa’ad bin Abi Waqas there. Sayidina Sa’ad said ‘over my dead body! Fight your own household first’. He went to his sister’s house upset and overheard the qur’an being recited. He threatened them and heard the qur’an properly and said ‘Anyone who says this must be worthy of worship. He went to RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam still with his sword and RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam shook him. He became muslim 3 days before Sayidina Hamzah became muslim. RadhiyaAllahu ‘anhum.
- Sayidina Umar RadhiyaAllah ‘anhu was the first to be called Amirul mu’mineen.
- When he’s ruling, he earned 2 dirham and sometimes he had to borrow money from Baitul Mal.
- Once he was patrolling the street at night time, he heard conversation from a house. A daughter (Leila) had refused her mother request to add water to their milk that they’re going to sell. Sayidina Umar RadhiyaAllahu ‘anhu went back home and gather 3 or 4 sons and asked them either one of them marry her or he’ll marry her. One of the son married her and they had a grandson name Umar Bin Abdul Aziz (the 5th khalifa).
- Once a man went to see him to complain about his wife. He waited outside Sayidina Umar’s house and overheard Sayidina Umar’s wife was raising her voice to him. The man then asked him regarding that and he (RadhiyaAllahu ‘anhum) answered ‘She cooked for me my food, she washed my clothes and she raised my children.’
- Sayidina Ali went to visit Sayidina Umar RadhiyaAllahu ‘anhum one day and Sayidina Umar asked him, ‘Is it because of the ummah or private matter?’ When Sayidina Ali said it was private, Sayidina Umar blew off the candle and they chatted in the dark. RadhiyaAllahu ‘anhum.
- He was stabbed by Feiroz, the servant of Al-Mughirah. The muslims had a ‘syura’ afterwards and they called 6 kibaar to choose as a khalifah. Abdul Rahman bin Awf took himself out from the election.

Sayidina Uthman RadhiyaAllahu ‘anh

- He was born 6 year after the elephant year
- He became muslim in the hand of Sayidina Abu Bakar RadhiyaAllahu ‘anhu
- He was well-known to be shy – too shy to say no

Sayidina Ali KaramulLahu wajha

- His life began and end in Masjid.
- His mom, Fatimah binti Asad RadhiyaAllahu ‘anha gave labour in the ka’aba co-inciding with the time of al-risalah.
- Sayidina Ali RadiyaAllahu ‘anh saying about RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam ‘His sweat covers me’ and ‘Everyday he raises me in moral and ettique.
- Abdullah ibnu Mas’ud describe Sayidina Ali as having a reddish white complexion, covered himself like a woman (can’t see) and he remembered Sayidina Ali as a young boy prostrating with RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam and Sayidatina Khadijah RadhiyaAllahu ‘anhum.
- During the time of Fathul Makkah, Sayidina Ali KaramulLahu wajha went to Bani Abdu Dar of Qureisy. Talha ibnu Ubaydillah was the one holding the key for Ka’abah. Sayidina Ali unlocked the Ka’abah and muslim entered it. RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam asked Sayidina Ali to sit so that he can carry RasuluLLah to destroy the idols above Ka’abah and he said ‘Oh RasululLah, I can’t stand!’ RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam asked Sayidina Ali to put his feet on his blessed shoulder and Sayidina Ali to stood on his shoulder, and they destroyed all the idols.
- Sayidina Ali KaramulLahu wajha was the imam that lead the janazah prayer for RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam
- He expand the masjid and put stones.
- When he became khalifah, he changed the ruling to Kufah. They showed him the palace and he asked them where’s the masjid? Built me a hut next to the masjid.

- Haq is haq and cannot be compromised
- KaramulLahu wajhah is because
o He never make sujud to idols
o In the battle of Badar, they fought 3 to 3 first. Utbah, father of Hind, his brother Syaibah and his son Walid came out and asked for a people equal to them to fight. RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam said ‘Qum Ya Ali, ya Ubaidah, Ya Hamza from Bani Quraisy. Sayidina Ali killed Utbah, Sayidina Hamza killed his brother and both of them killed Walid after he wounded Ubaidah. Hind said ‘May Allah blacken his face’ to Sayidina Ali. And upon hearing this RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam said ‘KaraamaAllahu wajhah’.

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