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(Shaykh Syed Muhammad bin Yahya AlHusainy)

Source of righteousness is AlQuran and Sunnah

AlQuran: Allahu waliyullazi na amanu
Rough meaning: Allah is the wali of the believers
He takes them from dark to light and from wrong to righteousness
The state of righteousness brings one closer to the Creator
The closer you are to the sunnah of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam the closer you are to righteousness
The zikr of the Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam by itself is elevating

If anyone does nothing else in life except the Fard and salawat alan Nabi Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam only, he is amongst the auliya of Allah.

A sahabi once asked Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam
Ya Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam what if I make one quarter of my doas solah and salawat alan Nabi Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam
That is good. But increase is better

What if I increase it from one quarter to half?
That is good. But more is better

What if I increase from half to three quarters?
That is good. But more is better

What if I do my whole doa solah and salam on you purely?
Allah will suffice from any hardships you have.

Rough meaning of AlQuran: Isn’t Allah enough for His slave?
Of course for those with tahkik in iman
Allah is the wali of mu’min, takes from wrong to righteousness
Becomes a wali to Him means support and care
Inayah of Allah takes care of you… falam….. sleep
Going to the Nur and righteousness is through becoming wali to Allah
Those who TRULY believe in Allah and his prophet.
Alquran: Allazina amanu wa kanu yattakun
Allah will put them on Nur and way of rightouesness
No worries about them

Saydina Ibrahim AlKhalil Alaihi salam , wanted to burn him
People always think it is up to them to do things
(one time someone said to me if you speak about mawlid I will make sure you will never speak again.
AlShaykh replied “Wallallah If I knew the power was in your hands I will worship you instead)
Saydina Ibrahim Khalilul Rahman was given options to swing his stands to suit them
He said “no”
They said “we will burn you”
They got the fire burning for 6 months
It was so hot and so high that even birds couldn’t fly in the air space above it
They tied Saydina Ibrahim Alaihi salam to a device (catapult) that will throw straight into the fire
Saydina Jibrail alaihi salam came to him while Saydina Ibrahim alaihi salam while he was airborne and asked “Assalamu alayka Ya habibur Rahman”
“Wa alaykum salam Ya Jibril”
“Ya Kholilul Rahman, do you have anything to ask of Allah at this time?”
“Ya Jibril, to you NO.I have no need and nothing to ask. His knowledge of where I am is enough for me”

AlQuran: “ Qul na ya na rukuni bardan wa salam ala ibrahim”
Rough translation: Oh fire be cold and be peaceful for Ibrahim”
Not cold only, if be cold only Saydina Ibrahim alaihi salam would have frozen to death.
Allah said bardan wa salam…. And peaceful.

So who are they?
Quran: Allazi na amanu yattakun.
Lahumul Bushra… they have the care of Allah. When?
Fi hayatid duniya wal akhirah

They have the care of Allah and righteousness in the duniya and in akhirah.
And to be CLOSE to Allah means you have to be close to His beloved Habibul Azam Sayyidina Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam
That means hubbur Rasul Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam should dominate the mind, the thought, the fikr, your body, the eyes, the ears, the limbs.So everything about you is hubbun Nabi Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam.
In this kind of realationship, one like to be alone.
Therefore best would be if you love him alone Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam.This way is the GATE to Allah Taala.

Ibn Majah narrates in Hadith Hasan
The hadith says that Sahlu ibn Saad (big sahabah) Radhi Allahu Anhum.
His name was Hazan (difficult) versus sahel (easy land, flat land)
Habibul Azam Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam used to change the name of some sahabi if meanings were bad or rough.
Amongst the people he changed name was Ghawi( misguided) bin Zalim (oppressor)
It was cultural for the Arabs to give their sons tough hostile name such as
Hamza (Lion) Ali (superior) Harb (war) Husam (sword) Muhannat (another type of sword)
Whereas it was cultural to name their slaves soft names such as Wardah (flower)
Reason: Sons were for batlle. Sons were asked to join battle to show commitment and truthful.

Surah Ali Imran verse 61.
“……Qul taa lau nad’U Wa abna ana wa abna akum wa nisa ana wa nisa akumwa amfusana wa amfusakum thumma nabtahil fanaj’al la’nat Allahu alal kazibin.”

Delegation of Basara Najran (Yemen) wanted to debate with the Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam.and got the highest amongst them to do mubahalah.( Referenace Tafsir Imam AlGhazi.)
Mubahalah is when you line up a team from us in front of a team from you and we will both ask the Creator descend the curse amongst those who lied upon God.
Theological war.
Next day, the biggest of the scholar of Najran said, “If Muhammad puts his friends and his people and not him, then do mubahalah. Don’t worry.If he puts himself maybe he is truthful."
The next day the ayah mentioned was revealed.Nabi Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam put the first line AlHasan wal Husayn(wa abna ana wa abna akum) then Saydatina Fatimah (wa nisa ana wa nisa akum) (wa anfusana wa anfusakum) and he Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam took the hand of Al Ali and said and then we will ask Allah to descend His curse upon those who lied.
The chief of the Priest said, “Do not come close to this man. Walallah these faces, if they asked Allah to destroy all these mountains, it will happen this way."
Why? Whose gonna be the first line? Wa abna ana wa abna akum.

Ghawi bin Zalim was hunting trip in the desert for the desert big birds. Those days there were no grocery stores.
Ghawi bin Zalim was a Bedouin.He caught and killed the bird. Lit the fire and put the bird on the grill. When it was time to eat, he remembered his idol. (Quraisy were quite sophisticated then…. had take-away Gods then).He felt it was poor adab not to offer god to eat. He took the idol right in front of the meal.He asked the idol to eat three times and nothing happened. Suddenly a desert fox came, ate the bird and when the fox finished, it raised its foot and started to urinate right on top of the idol.
Ghawi lost it.
“Those who depend on you when there is a battle and hardship would surely be humiliated for a fox to urinate on top of the head of god”
He went to Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam and took shahadah. Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam changed his name from Ghawi (misguided) to Rashid (guided)

A man came to Sayyidina Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam “Guide me to the deed. Yuhibbunillah yuhibbulinnas”.
(What kind of education did they have. SubhanAllah eloquent speech, unbelievable thought….. they graduate from University of Muhammadun Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam)
Yuhibbunillah : zuhud in dunia
Detachment , give for the path of Allah, righteous reason
Yuhibbulinnas: zuhud from people have in their hands they will love you
Don’t take their position, power, money
Only know them for the sake of Allah.

If know people for the sake of Allah, Allah will bring people that they love him and Allah loves them.Those who believe have most love for Allah.
Sahabat kirom, exited life while still alive
Arrive in akhirah whilst in duniya
Remember Saydina Abu Bakar Radhi Allahu anhu when he gave all his money…. What did you leave for your family ? ALLAH AND HIS RASUL Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam.

Zuhd is emptying love for duniya from heart
70-80% crime is for money
Be abda of Allah
Not abda for dollar, pounds, euro
20% of the rest of crimes are realted to other passions of human nature

From Saydina Ali Karamallahu wajhah:
The nafs is crying on dunia knowing that to be safe is really to abandon whole dunia.
No home will you have in akhirah except home that you build while in duniya.
If he builds with goodness and righteousness, he’ll have good living
Build with evil, all will be lost

Work for tomorrow/living place where Ridzwan is the security guard of that home and your neighbour is Ahmad and Allah is his Creator

Abu Bakar at death bed and Saydatina Ayesha Radhi Allahu Anha was crying “Should I call the doctor?”
“I have already asked the doctor”
“What did he say”
“He said Qa la inni fa alu lima urid” “I will do whatever I will”

Reasons not effector.
Usually knife cuts That’s classical conditioning Conditional response.
Allah wills the knife to cut.
Not when Allah does not will example Saydina Ibrahim Alaihi salam and Saydina Ismail alaihi salam.

Saydina Safina Radhi Allahu anhu was the mawla of Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam. He Radhi Allahu anhu took the tabiin but the safina (ship) that took them went down and broke before reaching shore. They took pieces of wood and swam to East African shore
Upon arriving on the shore,they saw lions and tigers.
The tabiin hid behind Saydina Safina Radhi allahu anhu who took few stpes towards them and said “Assalamu alayka ya abal harith (lion)”
“I am Saydina Mawla of Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wa ahlihi wa salam”
All narrator said that the lion close mouth, bow down, made way for Saydina Safina Radhi Allahu Anhu and the tabiin and lead them towards food in the middle of the island.

Ocean cannot drown no matter how much water like Saydina Yunus Alaihi salam in the stomach of the fish.
Fish didn’t eat, water didn’t drown although Saydian Yunus Alaihi salam was at the bottom of the ocean.

Saydina Musa Alaihi salam when they came to water after being chase
“We are surely drowning”
“Surely not,With me is my Lord”
Believe in Allah caused the ocean to part into 2 way motorway.

No Problem.

If Allah with you, you have nothing to fear
If Allah is not with you, you have everything to fear.



Those who believe and do good and Allah will make them loved

Allah loves His slave and order Saydina Jibrail alaihi salam to love him and announce to the people of heaven and earth. Allah loves him, so love him. People will love you and you walk with the care of Allah.

Pleasing people is difficult task. 6 billion people on earth.
You can’t even please 1 billion.


Do not be saddened by what people say

Example of the narration Luqman and his son and the lesson regarding the donkey




Example of Saydina Ali Karamallahu Wajhah who went to correct the situation when a woman asked his help. Her abusive husband who was initially very hostile but when he realized it was Amirul Mu’minin in front of him, he went on his knees. and begged to be overlooked.
Saydina Ali Karamallahu Wajhah said “Get up. Please Allah and I will be happy”


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