Saturday, April 14, 2007

Habib Umar's Q/A


Just received this wonderful e-mail from a dear sister and hope that everyone can benefit from it.. May Allah increase our love to Rasool Alayhi Salatu wassalam.

Assalamu alaikum sisters,
Upon reading Sheikh Habib Umar's website and finding a section in which people ask him questions and he answers, I found it to be very useful and wished to share (a rough translation) with those whom especially do not understand Arabic.
This is one from amongst many questions.

Someone asked:Q: What is our duty towards Rabbia-Al-Awwal?
A: Allah chose the birth of Sayidna Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wa salem) to be in this month and this is enough for the believer to know that it is upon him to renew his iman and his relationship with Sayidna Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wa salem).He should express his happiness with the birth of the Nabi and the emerging of the Prophet to the world.The first connection we should have towards him is when he was born. It is the beginning of a life that Allah has sworn in the Quran with. Allah swore by saying: "By the life of Muhammad..."Allah esteems things he swears by so every Believer should remember that this is the month in which he was delivered.Renew the relationship with him with iman, tasdeeq, loving him, and following him. And one has to prove all this by getting together for thikr, the people of the house reciting the seerah, reciting the mawlid, giving food, all of what one can do.......showing that you are following Sayidna Muhammad and that you are happy with him.The best of the sahabba praised him and in this way got closer to Allah. Allah gave him praise so you have to know from this that every Believer should (especially in this month) remember the blessing that Allah has given us in the Rasool.Every Monday, review this relationship between you and the Prophet and wish and desire to meet him and be with him.Send a lot of salawat.Look into your home and family and tie them to the Rasool with love and esteem.Read the Mawlid in the middle of the house.Find out what was against his way, and rid your house of such. Keep only what Sayidna Muhammad would look at from tapes, magazines, books, and t.v shows in order to CLEANSE the house.Cleanse Yourself from using bad language, backbiting, envy, and resentment.Allah will assist the honest and the one trying to turn to Him.In this month, we find a great reminder.Sayidna Abbas said to Sayidna Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa salem):"And when you were born....the earth shined......And the horizons became illuminated by your light......And we, in this light of down the right path."
**************************************May Allah fill our hearts with the delight of our Beloved Prophet's birth and may those around us FEEL the joy from within ourselves for this Great Blessing we have!Ameen
(and may Allah bless you and your family, dear sister)..

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