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Hadith 27

From an-Nawwas ibn Sam’an, may Allah be pleased with him, from the Prophet, RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam, that he said, “Birr is good nature, and ithm is that which becomes agitated in your self and which you would hate for people to discover.’ Muslim narrated it.

From Wabisah ibn Ma’bad, may Allah be pleased with him, that he said, “I came to the messenger RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam and he said, “You have come to ask about birr?” I said, ‘yes!’ He said, ‘Ask your heart for a judgement. Birr is that towards which the self is tranquil and towards which the heart is tranquil. Isthm is that which becomes agitated in self and it goes agitatedly to and fro in the breast even though people repeatedly give you a judgement’.” A good hadith which we have narrated in the two Musnads of the Imams Ahmad ibn Hanbal and ad-Darimi with a good isnad.

Biography of the narrator: Nawwas bin Sim’an
- his father came to Madina at 9 A.H. RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam made a special for Sama’an. He took of his sandal as a gift to RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam and asked “would you like to marry the most beautiful woman in this world (Asma’ bt Nu’man)?” He contracted the marriage to RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam.
- Nawwas stayed as ahlus suffah because he had one question

The hadith have three main keywords:
Husnul khulq

Birr is connected to Allah’s name Al-Barr ie the One who shows birr to His slaves. Birr means ihsan = to show goodness eg in slaughtering which is a basic human action (in Hadith 17) and in the qur’an …wataAAawanoo AAala albirri waalttaqwa… (5:2) which literally means ‘Help ye one another in righteousness and piety’; and we have been instructed to do birr to our parents.
Imam Bukhari is the best in doing taghwib (categorizing into chapters) and one of the chapters is ‘Kitab Birr al-Silah’.
Birr can be translated as obedience (ta’at) and the opposite of ithm ie wrongdoing and not obedience.
Birr can be found in qur’an (2:177, 2:189, 2:44, 3:92, 58:9)
Jabir said that Allah’s Messenger (saws) saw a man who was being shaded (by other people while traveling). The Prophet saws asked about him and he was told that man was fasting. The Prophet saws said: It is not a part of Birr (piety) to fast while traveling. This was recorded by Al-Bukhari and Muslim.
Burr (wheat) to body is like birr to spirit.

Ithm is wrongdoing and not obedience. Zanb means a state of lowness. Sins have christians connotation to it but according to Islam people do commit zanb from time to time and they pick themselves up.
Ithm in camels means slow.

Husnul khulq is beautiful inward form.
‘Adabani Robbi Faahsana ta’dibi' (Hadith) Ihsan of Allah for ahsanul khulq.

Fitra: naturally people knew in their heart that stealing is wrong

Three advice of Sayidina Adam Alayhi al-salaam to his son
1) when you want to domething check your heart, it must be settled
2) Ask someone who have more knowledge
3) Check the consequence.

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