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Chapter 3 (On Vigilance)

- Al-muraqabah: vigilant, taking into account, contemplation, aware of the One who is Raqib of you (watching over you)
Vigilant in ihsan is you are the one who is watching Him, its impossible, to understand this , we have to undestand the other part. Rabiatul Adawaiyah said level of your ma'rifa depends on the first partof ihsan and the way is through the second part. Muraqabah is a two way relationship
Sincerety is the key for gnosis.
- Muraqaba is a divine attribute in which a slave has a portion of it. It comes from the word Ar-Raqib "wa kana Allahu ala kulli shayyin Raqiba - He is upon you Raqiba', bil idafah ilaLlah

- Raqaba = to observe / watch
Raqib = to keep watch, observe; someone who stands in mountain (to defense) to protect the city from any attack

- The king who travel, arrived at the foot of a snowtop mountain, the wazir shot off for half an hour and came back with snow. ~ aware of what the king wanted
Muraqabah is the one who's most sensitive to the ayah, the twitch of the King's eyes

- Imam Khusyairi (RahmatulLahu alayh) have one favourite student. When the other became jealous of this particular student, the Imam gave them a task. Every student have to hide a bird in a place that nobody sees. The only student who didn’t complete the task was this favourite student. When asked, he said “he can’t find a place where Allah is not watching”

- 'What Allah wants me to do?' Muraqaba - even when making tea / coffee lead to ibada after knowing inner and outer

- Imam Haddad, in Syarah 'ayniyah by Imam Ahmad bin Zain AlHabsyi
لصالح النيات كن متحريا
have lots of good intentions for your actions for eg whoever wears perfume for Allah sake, he will smell musk in Day of Judgment, to invite angles, for other to smell something good, for the house to smell good, purification of the intellect (Imam Syafie: perfume enhanced the intellect), recommend to distribute attar after iqamah

have constant awareness, intention - mayl (leaning) / pushing you foward towards a desire. Ghayra mu'tasid illa bil asbab, asbab - syari'ah
Muraqabah is the highest level, but have to have intention and awareness.
have overwhelmed feeling that you feel low

- Allahumma arina haqqa haqqa... (S Abu Bakar) and do not make it blur that I follow my hawa.

- modesty = alHaya': to hold back

- Someone asked Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal how do you get to this high maqam? There's one occasion when I'm about to enter hamam, I want to take off my izar, then I remembered hadith of Haya', that's the day when he gets the dream.

- there's no work after death. when the heart is attached to the dunya, the heart is almost dead.
the rewards from this is greater than dunya.

- Muraqaba on our intentions is more important. Look at our intentions on a regular basis. eg reading the Qur'an : syifa' li sudoor, follow sunnah (think about sunnah when reading), tranquility, loudly for people to hear and attracts angles.

- Imam Ali Zainal Abidin said that muraqabah depends on the intention, the bigger the intention, the greater is muraqabah

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