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Hadith 24

Hadith 24 (03.02.07)

- This is the first hadith qudsi in Hadith 40, also known as hadith rabbani or hadith Illahi

- Hadith came from the word ‘hadatha’ = happening, come into existence
Qudsi = sacred; taharah / tanzi (pure / absent from any fault)
Qudsi ~ fima yarwi rabbi / qala Allahu ta’ala (ta’ala = exalted)

Different between qur’an / hadith qudsi/ hadith rasul
Divine/Divine/Divine (inspired) – rasul’s word
Qadim/Come into existence/Come into existence
Cannot transmit on meaning/Cannot transmit on meaning/No sin in paraphrasing
Can be recite in solat/Cannot be recite in solat/Cannot be recite in solat
Require state of purity/Purity not required/Purity not required
- there’s rawi in everything. Even for hadith qudsi the rawi is RasululLah SallaLlahu alayhi wa Alihi Wassalam.The name qur’an is a special name ie no other things is qur’an.. whereas hadith can be attributed to any new things
- Rawi: Abu Zarr Al-Ghifarri RadhiyaAllahu 'anhu(have been discussed in previous hadith). One of the remarkable thing about Abu zarr is that he, even before becoming muslim is very particular about things. When he weight bread, an ant came and eat the bread, he said “this might be zarr in this dunya but it meant bit in the next world”.
Zarrah = red ant / smallest head of the smallest ant
Acc to Yazid Ibnu Haroon zarrah = no weight

- Ya ‘ibadi encompass ins wal jinn ie those who are responsible for their action (Wa ma khalaqtu insu wal jinnu illa li ya’budun)

- Zulm = injustice; unjust ie not putting something on the right place; not placing at the specific place / time.
= tasarafi mulk bighairi haq (taking something from the owner without right)

-Allah will never do zulm
1) everything is His, He will not be questioned about His action
2) He will reward according to action

- The biggest zulm is not recognizing Allah (Inna syirki la zulmun ‘azdim)

- zulm also means darkness.

- The hadith in which RasululLah asked ‘do you know who the bankrupt is? The one who came in yaumil qiyamah, making zulm to other and his good deeds being taken to give to others to recompense - *my own paraphrase –sorry*

- Another hadith ‘ If you stand with a madzlum, Allah will make your feet firm on the Day feet slip’

- Hadith ‘if you stand with a wrong-doer, Allah will make your feet slip on the Day feet slip’ – another narration

- There was a king who was very zalim. He took more tax etc. One day, an old lady stand up in front of him and said “ You’re a wrong-doer”. The king just laughed and said “Innal muluku iza dakhalu qaryatan afsaduha wa ja’alu a’izzata ahliha azillatan” (An-Naml 34) the verse where Queen Sheba said to her advisory. And the old lady answered back “Haven’t you read the whole surah “fatilka buyutuhum khawiyatam bima dzalamu, inna fi zalika la ayatan li qawmiy ya’lamun (v 52). When the king heard this, he cried and make tawba. He asked to return everything.. and the woman came to him and said “La taqnatu min rahmatilLah”.

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