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Miracle of the prophets

Miracle of the prophets (13.01.07)
Habib Kadzim As-Saqqaf hafidzulLah

- All are the action of Allah. The action is just cause.. Allah can choose any means for His actions eg Sayidina Qatadah RadhiyaAllahu ‘anh whom rasululLahu sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam put his eyes back.
The other example is when RasululLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam threw sand at the enemy in the battle of Hunayn ‘wa ma ramaita iz ramaita walakinaAllahu rama.’

-Nothing is impossible if we focus that it is Allah’s action.
-Allah gave support to rasools (alayhimu salatu wassalam) to show that the deen is haq.

-We knew that all the objects that we consider inanimate have feelings eg in one occasion the people from banu Kindah came to RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam. Banu Kindah was well-known as sooth-sayers and they can predict the future. They left something behind in their village and they wanted to test RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam. They asked ‘what do we left?’. RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam answered back ‘lastu bikahin (I’m not a sooth-sayer)’. They said ‘if you can’t proof you’re prophet by this, how can you proof you’re a prophet?’ RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam took stones in the masjid and in his hands the stone make tasbih clearly that everyone can hear. He placed it in the hand of Sayyidina Abu Bakr RadhiyaAllahu ‘anh and the stone continued making tasbih. He then placed it in the hand of Sayiddina Umar RadhiyaAllahu’anh and the stone continue.. A man from the tribe get the stone and immediately the stone stopped. As a consequence, everyone present became muslim.

-second example was the tree that cried when RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam was in his mimbar. All the sahabah can heard this. RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam came down from mimbar and put his lip onto the stump. On one narration, he said ‘he missed the qur’an that was being recited.. another narration from Qadi Iyad whether he wants to become stump in jannah.
Hassan Al-basri used to say ‘Even the stump think have this yearning for RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam, what about you, O Mu’mineen?’

- In akhirat, there’s no cause and effect for eg in Jannah, if a man saw birds flying, he wants it in his heart, it will come as grilled for him. No cause and effect.

- Causes can sometime be manifest or hidden. Qatadah radhiyaAllahu ‘anh broke his sword and said ‘I have broken my sword’. RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam called Qatadah radhiyaAllahu ‘anh and asked him to bring stick and he made it into sword.
Sometimes without asbab (reason). Eg Sayidinna Isa Alayhi al-Salaam born without a father.. he was created in one go. Immediately Sayidatina Maryam carried the child and give birth. The ayaat in the qur’an regarding this was connected using ‘fa’’ as opposed to ‘thumma’ ie immediately and not after or and then.

One of the miracles of RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam was he witnessed jannah as we’re seeing things on the screen. A sahabi saw naar and he moved backward from the jama’ah.

The biggest mu’jizat is qur’an and isra’ wal mi’raj which were not given to other rasool alayhimu salaatu wal-Salaam.

Qur’an is KalamulLah.

Isra’ is manifestation of Allah’s tajalli. Starting with ‘subhana’.. we have to stop our intellect and look. He sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam used beast ie buraq as a mean for us to contemplate.. Buraq had the speed of light (1st physical asbab in isra’).. 2nd: RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam was completely awake – if he’s asleep it is not a miracle. ~ It is a test for people’s iman.
RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam was asleep that night in Ummu hani’s house. He sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam woken from sleep, went to masjidil Haraam and drank zamzam there, and sleep in between 3 people. Sayidina Jibril came with Israfil. They pointed ‘he’s the one between the two’. Israfil woke him sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam up and said the buraw is waiting for you. The buraq is making lots of noises until - said ‘No one rides you better than this person’. Then, he raised his head in pride.

We have to contemplate.. why baitul maqdis? Ibnu hajar said the sky above quds there is a straight passage up

The distance in mi’raj: acc to Imam Ahmad bin Hambal 500years between earth and heaven.. within first heaven, we need rocket and even than we can’t reach the galaxy..

Sayidina Isa Alayhi Al-Salaam in 2nd heaven until he comes back to earth. RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam shaked his hand and make du’a.
(the life of animal is akmal (more perfect) than the hayat of plant, and the life of human is akmal than the life of animal, and the life of malaikat is akmal than the life of human – Sayidina Isa Alayhi al-Salaam is in malaikat level now).

There was no distance between distance ie traveling so fast (miracle).

Sayidina Adam Alayhi al-Salaam looked right and he smiled, then he looked left and he became grim. RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam asked why. Jibril answered when he looked right, he saw the arwah of his children going to heaven and when he looked left he saw the arwahs going somewhere else.

Sayidatina Khadijah RadhiyaAllahu ‘anha realized that RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam was gone. She went to search for him sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam.. she went to zamzam and saw Sayidina Abbas radhiyaAllahu ‘anh was sleeping in the haraam.. She was searching for him.

RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam wanted to see Jibril in his angelic form.. and Sayidina Jibril instructed him sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam to meet him in the hira’. RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam fainted. In spite of this, Sayidina Jibril can’t go further in Mi’raj. Allah praised in Surah Najm.


Key to mercy of Allah is adaab with Allah especially the masjid (Allah’s house).

Hadith Al-Harithah: slept in masjid. RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam asked, ‘kaifa asbahta? (how is your morning)’’asbahtu mu’minan haqqa. As if I can see the jannah, naar..
The state of our prayer should be AS IF you’re seeing Allah.

Our heart will be disturbed if we understand the qur’an differently from RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam.

Allah deflects one who is arrogance from the haqaiq of deen.

We are in the state of ibadah in the masjid if we give honour to what Allah have made ta’zim. We can feel it in the heart. ‘Nawaitul I’tikaf’ is just a mere intention but if the heart did it because wanting the redha of Allah, we will get the reward because of the intention in the heart.

Outwardly, some masjid are more beautiful than other but there is no different for Allah.

The main sunnah of entering a masjid: 1) right feet 2) I’tikaf 3) tahiyatul masjid. These are the haq of our deen. All these sunnahs is like you’re being given a key but you’re not using it. .
We’re in the masjid and we’re Allah’s guest. One reception from Allah in jannah everytime we go to masjid.
Habib quoted a hadith from Abu Ya’la about one who go to fard is like umrah…
‘Innama ya’muru masjid man yu’minu bilLahi’

‘Man alifa fil masjid, tabasybasyahu lLah’
Sayidina Abu Bakr RadhiyaAllahu ‘anh while in his khilafah was injured by kuffar. He built a mosque in the middle of his house in the garden because of his heart attachment to the masjid.
Tabasybasy = when family welcome and smiled at you.
Alifa : goes to mosque
1) go & return
2) habituated
3) ya’muru bil masjid

Three glad tidings for people whose attached to the masjid:
1) if they are sick, angels come and visit them
2) if they want to make dunya affair, malaikat will go first to help him
3) if they died, malaikat wait them.

Allah praised people for their attribute eg muhsineen, matatahireen

RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam get all these khususan eg speaking to angels or dead peoples and as part of the eeman we have to believe in these. Otherwise iman is not complete..
RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam can see clearly things at his back as clear as his front.
Forgiveness of sin past and future is special to RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam.

Reciting 10X surat al-ikhlas after prayer ~ a palace in jannah

The qudrat of ruh is the same as qudrat of jism. In Isra’, RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam salam to all the previous prophets even they were dead. And lead them in solat. “Ar-ruhu min amrilLah”. The prophets were shown in physical person to RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam.
All the rasuls were placed in the heaven according to our connection to them. Eg the first heaven is Sayidina Adam alayhi Al-Salaam = he’s the father to us. In the 2nd heaven is Sayidina Isa Alayhi Al-Salaam who will come down on white minaret in Damascus. 3rd heaven Sayidina Yusuf alayhi al-Salaam as we will enter jannah in his appearance. 4th heaven Sayidina Musa alayhi al-Salaam because of the benefit we had from him in reducing the solat. In 7th heaven Sayidina Ibrahim ALayhi al-Salaam.

In the Mi’raj RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam heard the writing of pen. Pen was the first thing created by Allah.

In the qur’an “Kaifa khuliqat” “kaifa banainaha” ie we have to cotemplate not on the measure but on the creation. As contemplation can increase iman.

Nabi RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam saw Allah but Nabi Musa Alayhi al-Salam “rabbi arinii andzur ilaik” he fainted.

Whenever you said from the depth of your heart, this will take you closer to Allah eg when you drink and say AlhamdulilLah.

Reflection leads to strengthen iman that leads to certainty that leads to witnessing ~ we can see beyond walls.

In jannah, the similarity of things in this dunya are only in names. Jannah have 8 gates and one of the door is called babul farah.

When RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam came back, he was so happy.. with tears in his eyes.. the first person he met was Abu Jahl. And one person bring his people, some people became muslim and some people apostate: big test before hijrah ~ knew who was muslim and who was not.
The distance from mekkah to Masjidil Aqsa was more than a month travel, but when questioned.. Allah brought Masjid Al-Aqsa so that RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam can describe about it and he saw the masjid clearly as he can see the house of Aqil bin Abi Talib.
And the caravan was delayed because the lead camel broke its leg when it saw buraq.

Da’watul Hal a’dzam min da’watul kalaam
Da’watul fi’il a’dzam min da’watul kalam.

1) Those who are still alive today is ‘nadzinin instead of ‘khuld’ ie delayed until the end of time
2) To become awliya is khalli wa ta’alli = leave and take. Leave bad characteristic and adopt the character of RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam for eg leave anger take forbearance. Stick to adzkaar.
3) Wudhu’ must be done with hudr ‘Hudruk fi qalbi a’dzam min hudruk fil fi’il. No rushing. Approach the solat from mi’raj point and miftah with wudhu’. Sayidina Ali Zaynal Abideen (RahmatulLahu ‘alayh) – pillars fell in masjid and he’s still praying.
Sayidina Urwah bin Zubair (radhiyaAllahu ‘anh) have gangrene and was amputated during his solah.
Don’t make solat become adapt for eg Subhana Rabiyal a’la ~ heard what you say with your heart! Find time on your own and reflect what you’re saying.
4) Regarding going to graveyard: Someone came to Sayidatina Aisyah RadhiyaAllahu ‘anha during the time of draught. She said make an opening on the ceiling above the grave of RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam. The cloud came above his grave and rain came down until it became year of wealth.
Bilal Al-Harithi at the time of Sayidina Umar radhiyaAllahu ‘anh went to RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam’s grave to ask for help. He slept and RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam came in his dream and said go to Umar and pray istisqa’. He went to Sayidina Umar RadhiyaAllahu ‘anh and told him. Sayidina Umar asked him, really? He cried and prayed istisqa’. A hadith on ‘have taqwa in Allah and seek the mean’ which include this.
5) Women can be attached to masjid by
a) going whenever possible ‘fatradada ‘alaih’
b) teach the children the importance of masjid
c) ask Allah to give a reality to have a heart that is attached to the masjid.
6) istidraj= Dajjal came and raised people from dead ~ It is shaytaan who come with the face of dead person. People get confused because they don’t have the knowledge of this hadith. 40 days. People will see mountains and rivers and he says this is jannah and mountain of fire which is actually garden. He will enter every single city.
7) What is reveled during mi’raj “fa awha laka ma awha” is more than what we knew.
8) Help of angels can still happen now eg in Badar, the angels came wearing green turban and in Hunayn black turban. They cut the neck and wrist, wrist so that it’s easier to capture them. Abu Yasar said he captured Al-Abbas who is very big in stature and voice can be heard from miles away. Angle came from 4 angles.
9) The only reason why wali have miracles is because of them following the sunnah of RasuluLLah sallaLlahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam.


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